Why I’m Going

logisticsthinkingAs part of my summer 2016 Scooter Trip, I am trying to methodically expose myself to a wide range of subjects, both mentally and as I visit around the country. I started this list before I departed, updated it all summer, and did one final edit after I returned home.  I know its right!. Things I want to learn about (external) or think about (internal):

External / Experiential:

  • New Urbanism / Zoning (and the state of America’s infrastructure)
  • Transit Systems and Transit Technology
  • CoHousing (and other High Density Living)
  • Authoring and Blogging Technology
  • Dancing & Dance Exercise: Types, Discipline & Approaches to Teaching
  • Personality Archetypes, One to One Relationships & Power Exchange (for future relationships)
  • Transit Based Traveling (in advance of a future European Trip)
  • Nature and Natural Experiences (for possible future Camping or Hiking trips)
  • Vegetarian & Vegan eating, hydration during exercise & travel
  • Communication skills, active listening & empathy, approaching strangers

Internal / Self-Discovery:

  • My Personal Goals and Priorities going forward and, in retrospect, what internal conflicts led to my separation & divorce.
  • My Personal Communication Skills and Quirks (and Exercises to Improve Shortcomings)
  • My Self-Reliance & Confidence making Mechanical Repairs
  • My Personal Preferences for Recreation, Leisure, Travel, Exercise, and Dining using experiments to find new ones.
  • The Universal characteristics of UU congregations & individuals, and therefore myself.

I noticed that I took absolutely NO interest in:

  • The Fall Election or Electioneering
  • Religion, Atheism, Separation of Church and State
  • World & National News Events
  • Sports including the Summer Olympics
  • Self entertainment: Movies & Stage, Gambling & Casinos, Sports or Entertainment Events.

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