Upstate NY: New Platz to Kingston

My experience in New Platz was weird, but I just roll with the punches. After driving from the Bronx, I encountered a total downpour as I approached Newburgh, NY. I tried to wait it out, but it would not stop. I finally drove on, into the dark, in full rain gear and soaked to the … Continue reading Upstate NY: New Platz to Kingston


Leaving NYC: North from the Bronx

I visited the Bronx for three days, and took the train into the city. When it was time to leave for upstate NY, I left directly north, crossing through a part of America I had never visited. In my 30 years of travel, in millions of miles, there are not a lot of untouched places … Continue reading Leaving NYC: North from the Bronx

All Day at a Desk

After the crazy day racing across Tennessee, only to arrive four hours early for my dance, I needed to get my act together. I turned my full attention to my upcoming stay in NYC, going forward two weeks to AMUUSE camp in Michigan. Distances, days, probable overnight locations. Places to stop, things to see, people … Continue reading All Day at a Desk