Back to Columbus: Doo-Dah & “The Space”

I returned to Columbus, Ohio for a chance to meet two more internet idols.

Some folks swoon to meet movie stars like Matt Damon or Jennifer Aniston. Sports fan want the autograph of ARod or LeBron. Politics junkies line up for a picture with candidates, even cardboard cut-outs.

But I’ve got fan-boy pictures with my favorite podcaster: Futurist James Howard Kuntsler. Also, the leader of Unitarian Universalists, Rev Peter Morales and the leader of the UCC and America’s Union for Reformed Judaism as well.

p0704space1In Columbus I returned for the grand opening and open house of “The Space”, a new facility for advocates of alternative lifestyles. Included in the roster were two nationally know spokes-couple podcasters making me a stammering fan-boy once again. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera for a “Selfie” with them.

Ribbon Cutting: Dawn, Dan, Barak, Sheba

Barak & Sheba lead the monthly podcast “BS’ing with Barak & Sheba” and Dawn & Dan travel nationally both advocating and giving seminars within the national community. BOTH couples are from Columbus and are among the founders of “The Space”.

Add to this, my attendance at Columbus’ overwhelming ComFest (Community Festival, during UU-GA week), and July 4th’s over the top “Doo-Dah parade”, and I have huge respect for the liberal and avant garde communities of what I mistakenly thought was some tiny backwater mid-american town.




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