Back to Columbus: Walk in the Park .

peopleThis story will be sketchy to you, but not to me or the few people involved. On my last day before leaving Columbus after UU-GA, I stopped for breakfast at a local bakery, and had a delightful time. The poor girl got my “full Forest Gump” treatment, rambling, questioning, funny stories, and active listening (when all you wanted to do was get back to work).

And yes, I mean for an hour. She told me about her grandfather settling in the Columbus Germantown neighborhood, about city politics, the economy, history, transit (of course), and on and on you poor thing. For privacy, I will leave her name out of this.

When I told her I was heading to Pittsburgh, she reminded me to see “Fallingater” the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house built atop a waterfall. It had been on my to-do list, but had been forgotten in the confusion of everything about leaving for the trip. I was shocked that I had forgotten, and thanked her profusely … and changed my itinerary and eventually saw the amazing house.

On my way back to Columbus, to visit the Fourth of July events, I invited her to lunch (since the bakery would be closed) and asked if anything was going on in town. She was the one that suggested the Doo-Dah parade (her second home run!).

As we worked out details, she brought along her 18 year old brother, just graduated from high school, and 16 year old sister as well, and we had the most wonderful conversations about going into college, the joys and worries of young adulthood, their interests (him video games, her sports) and I talked with my friend about the troubles and worries in her young life as well.

Leaving names (and details) out for privacy, can I say it was a delightful way to spend the day? And I was blessed with her trust and friendship.

It was a moving heart-felt, warm family time. We started with pastrami sandwiches at Katzinger’s Deli and ended with a walk in Schiller Park and Ice Cream cones, all in Germantown. Of course, the the four of us took her car (not MY scooter) to the hilarious and over-the-top Doo-Dah parade.

It was another amazing day in Columbus.



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