SUUSI Mon: Morning Worship Service .

triprptI was told SUUSI morning worship services were inspirational and thought provoking. Monday certainly started off with a bang. Shoehorned in between bkfst  and opening daily session, so only 45 min, I was sceptical how “inspiring” they would be. Well I’m sold and I tend to drag my sorry ass out of bed 4 more times.

Rev Jeanne Pupke (bad.light)

Monday’s morning worship was led by Rev Jeanne Pupke, senior minister of First UU Richmond. She is a candidate for national UUA president, and has been both a Catholic nun and a business executive prior to taking up the UU calling.

She reminded us that the world is a horrible place at times: not just war, and terrorism, but devisiveness, bigotry & hate, even the dehumanizing we see in road rage & dismissing a new idea based only on who suggested it.

Yet we only have one weapons, love. We are Love Warriors!

So make the commitment to make this week a time you will make a positive change to the world, then hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE to that commitment. Write it down, be specific, make it happen, share it with the person sitting next to you. When you see your new friend this week, ask how they are doing, and share their joy.

Rev Amy Carol Webb (harsh lighting)

Amy Carol Webb then led us in the simple UU hymn “Stand” and it’s refrain:

I will stand with you.
Will you stand with me?
We will be the change
That we hope to see…

Man, I love being a UU. A room full of people just like me.


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