The Latest Plan: Pitstop in FL

Here's everything: I contracted a guy to haul the scooter home, privately, in a sealed trailer. I used a website called it's like ebay or Airbnb, but you list what you want shipped and where, and truckers bid on hauling it. There's a category for motorcycles; also cars, sailboats, household furniture, and live pets. … Continue reading The Latest Plan: Pitstop in FL


Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo .

My Grand Rapids AirBnb stay was way out in the country. One of those houses you pass by and ask “why would somebody live there?”. Well I met two of the nicest people, and I can answer the question. Their house is modern, on a huge tract of land, surrounded by corn fields, on those … Continue reading Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo .

New Friends: West Michigan Edition

My time in Traverse City, and now Grand Rapids has been filled with the most interesting, informative, inspiring, and delightful people. I met all of these in the last third of my time in Michigan, in just the one week after AMUUSE csmp. In Traverse City, I first spent a day in Empire, with a … Continue reading New Friends: West Michigan Edition

Top o’ the Mitten .

Everyone knows Michigan's lower peninsula is the shape of a "mitten", of your held out left hand. I'm in Interlochen, in the Leelanau peninsula, the fingernail of the ring finger. This is cherry country, Traverse City's famous cherry festival, and of sailboats on the protected harbor. The grand traverse bay burrows 20 miles inland, so at … Continue reading Top o’ the Mitten .

Leelanau and Traverse City .

I'm stuffed! I've been on my own in my home state of Michigan for 3 days and have essentially eaten any "made in Michigan" product I could find. All those apple orchards I've been seeing are, of course, cherries as Grand Traverse bay is home to the annual cherry festival and that entire industry. And … Continue reading Leelanau and Traverse City .

AMUUSE 2: Costumes and Comets

Another great day at AMUUSE camp ended with a bucket of fun, then a mystical finale. First we had our United Nations themed costume party. Those who came in cars brought outfits to represent (truly or humorously) some country of the world. Elaborate Viking, Egyptian, and Scot outfits appeared. Also authentic garb ftom China, India, … Continue reading AMUUSE 2: Costumes and Comets

Rochester to London, Sans Windshield

I had 5 days to get to my AMUUSE summer camp in norbythern Michigan. It was apparent I did not have time to get a replacement windshield overnighted to me in Rochester, so I would have to drive across Ontario using only my facemask and a positive attitude. I spent my last day getting used … Continue reading Rochester to London, Sans Windshield