Hurricane: Duck & Run .

logisticsTo my many friends: Thank You for you heartfelt worries. YES, I’m watching the weather and our unexpected visitor: Hurricane Matthew.

1005hurr4I’m in Charlotte, NC. Visiting a “town square” example of New Urbanism and riding the rails on their transit system. (Red Star on Map)

I was supposed to go to Charleston and onto Savannah & Jax (black arrows), but will instead will head to Ashville. From there, if the weather breaks, I’ll pick right up. If it gets worse, I’ll scamper west. If the delay is too long, I’ll just jump I-85 & I-75 and head right to Jax & Daytona. But, as always, Safety First.

I figured I needed to change plans when hotels first in Raleigh, now in Charlotte, we’re filling up with coastal residents (easily spotted by their family dogs).

I’ve also noticed another sign it’s time to go home: my hotels keep getting nicer (and $$$). I no longer have the emotional reserve for hostels, and now even airb&b. This must be like “camping fatigue”, brought on by rain.

I love seeing the visual incongruity of the scooter unloaded onto a high-end luggage cart, a more common sight as the trip finishes.

Less than 2 weeks left.



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