My Upside Down Instincts .

mylifeI’m amazed by the law of opposites. Everyone knows the adage “If you want something done, ask a busy person” and “Good fences make good neighbors”.

The prophet Muhammad, pbuh, has an apocryphal story of him traveling every day on the same path. A neighbor would throw garbage in his path (or upon his head, depending) as a sign of disrespect. One day while traveling on his usual path, there was no garbage.

His response, according to this story, was worry and concern. After a couple days of receiving no disrespect, he stopped on his journey, knocked on the door, and inquired as to the health of his daily tormentor.

A separation and divorce (after nearly four decades) is a trauma to both parties. Some people respond to that kind of trauma with depression, others with agitation and anger, and others by acting out behavior not of their normal patterns. No news there.

I’ve been receiving texts and emails from time to time (as one could imagine) full of anger and warnings. You’re acting like a child. Men only want one thing. You’re deceiving yourself, and communicating those lies to your friends and followers. You’re abusing your gifts of charisma and language. Your thinking with your “other” brain.

For 2 days now I have been concerned by the stony silence, starting with the court hearing; worried for the absence of those frequent messages found in my path.

Today, I took an odd comfort; an upside down response. I received texts saying my behavior is inappropriate for a man my age, that I am ignoring my responsibilities and commitments, and that it was my own actions that caused my current situation. And just like the story, I immediately felt comfort knowing she’s safe and well.


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