ScooterDaveMay-15-2016: I’m Duncan, (my nom de plume, born Dave Kovar).

I’m newly divorced, single at 57, looking to spread his wings without knocking over the lamp or poking anybody in the eye.

I’m running away from home for the Summer of 2016, departing Memorial Day with plans to return around Labor Day. You can follow my journey on this blog. I have a diary about my other interests: politics, relationships, and transit among others. Find it at “The Daily Duncan“.

To find me if I come to your town, look for my red Suzuki Bergman 650 Scooter, top heavy with luggage and with a pilot holding on for dear life.

I hope to post trip reports, things that happen on any given day; musings, thoughts on any subject that entered my head during the long periods alone on the highway; and minutiae, tiny details noted only for my own benefit.


Nov-1-2016: I’m home again in Clearwater, with my new name (read here) and a new outlook on life.

I had so much fun that Labor Day (10 weeks) stretched all the way to Halloween before I returned for good. Twenty Two weeks, sixteen states, ten thousand miles, three trips home, two motors, one divorce and a new name. Hundreds of new friends and amazing stories to tell.

Summer scooter trip 2016 is officially over.


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