Election Night Sadness

I sit on this election night, overcome with sadness, pondering my future. Lacking imagination, I once again headed to the beach, with my lawn chair, the stars and surf, and cinnamon tequila. I am thinking the day is coming that I will leave my country, and by that I mean my country has left me. … Continue reading Election Night Sadness

What’s in a Name?

I'm starting a new chapter in my life, thinking about fundamental changes in what I want, what I value, what I wear, how I relax, where I live, what I do, who I am. So its logical that my mind wandered to my name: Dave There's a funny thing about traveling by yourself across the … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Trust is an Aphrodesiac

I started ballroom dance lessons for poise, aerobic exercise, and gross motor skills. After three or four months, as I gained confidence, I was shocked that I was picking up an entirely different vibe. Something spiritual, something visceral, primordial. Something unexplainable. I spent my summer talking to people, listening to their stories, especially people that … Continue reading Trust is an Aphrodesiac