The Tiny, Tiny House

There is dancing, and there is parenting, and when a father and adult son find themselves living under one roof, it becomes a daily transition between those two. During the divorce, there was a thought the three of us would go our three separate ways. But common sense dictated my son stay and finish college … Continue reading The Tiny, Tiny House


You Need to Go See

I enjoyed myself, time after time, across the 22 weeks of my trip. I've come to think this trick played a major role. Whenever anybody said “You need to eat at ...” or “You need to go see ..” a certain thing, I would. I would make every effort, if I had the time and … Continue reading You Need to Go See

Breaking the Ice (Schrödinger’s Stalker) .

I was told, earlier this summer, that I'm the kind of person that “never met a stranger”. That was very insightful, but there is one caveat to that insight. The cold call. I can address a group of 100, I can do a public Q&A session without being fully prepared. I can confidently introduce somebody … Continue reading Breaking the Ice (Schrödinger’s Stalker) .

UU Monmouth: Cool RE Ceremony .

I witnessed a really cool RE ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Monmouth today, to honor the first week of the new RE semester. It was all based on surprise, and required that they have a rectangular sanctuary. When you make a toast at a wedding or say "ready, set, go" at a race, its … Continue reading UU Monmouth: Cool RE Ceremony .

Oh, My Aching Foot

My host Jack loves the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and attends all the home football games. So I took this sunny September Saturday and headed out to the beach again. It was great to sun myself, after being wrapped in the cocoon of safety gear all summer. Here's some background that I've kinda kept under wraps. … Continue reading Oh, My Aching Foot