AMUUSE 2: Costumes and Comets

Another great day at AMUUSE camp ended with a bucket of fun, then a mystical finale. First we had our United Nations themed costume party. Those who came in cars brought outfits to represent (truly or humorously) some country of the world. Elaborate Viking, Egyptian, and Scot outfits appeared. Also authentic garb ftom China, India, … Continue reading AMUUSE 2: Costumes and Comets

Arriving at AMUUSE

We just had our Sunday night orientation for AMUUSE, August. There was also a July session. There are 33 attendees and I'm the only nuubi in this session (Everybody knew to expect me). Like all my meetups in Pinellas, I'm either the youngest or nearly so. Everybody here are long time friends. When we did … Continue reading Arriving at AMUUSE