Rochester to London, Sans Windshield

I had 5 days to get to my AMUUSE summer camp in norbythern Michigan. It was apparent I did not have time to get a replacement windshield overnighted to me in Rochester, so I would have to drive across Ontario using only my facemask and a positive attitude. I spent my last day getting used … Continue reading Rochester to London, Sans Windshield


My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting:

As I settled in on the trip, I realized it was time to stretch my wings and start dating. Of my many principles, a big one was “make your mistakes out-of-town”. I have a habit of doing everything wrong the first time and I really seem to only learn through hands-on mistakes. I didn't want … Continue reading My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting: