All Day at a Desk

After the crazy day racing across Tennessee, only to arrive four hours early for my dance, I needed to get my act together. I turned my full attention to my upcoming stay in NYC, going forward two weeks to AMUUSE camp in Michigan. Distances, days, probable overnight locations. Places to stop, things to see, people … Continue reading All Day at a Desk


My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting:

As I settled in on the trip, I realized it was time to stretch my wings and start dating. Of my many principles, a big one was “make your mistakes out-of-town”. I have a habit of doing everything wrong the first time and I really seem to only learn through hands-on mistakes. I didn't want … Continue reading My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting:

Coffee Dates & FetLife

While still married I had been on many internet dating sites, looking to find a local bay area woman seeking “just friends”, for coffee and gossip. I attended church pot-lucks, belonged to many social and political groups, and attended (even headed up) meet-up groups. But I missed having one-on-one time with caring empathetic people (that … Continue reading Coffee Dates & FetLife