The Tiny, Tiny House

There is dancing, and there is parenting, and when a father and adult son find themselves living under one roof, it becomes a daily transition between those two. During the divorce, there was a thought the three of us would go our three separate ways. But common sense dictated my son stay and finish college … Continue reading The Tiny, Tiny House


Solving the Puzzle 1.0, Caring

I've proposed the puzzle of pursuing an independent woman, a woman that doesn't need a man. Now, with no earthly experience to draw upon, and nothing more than common sense to guide me, I will propose my first attempted solution. After decades of counseling, marriage counseling, productivity and team building seminars we all know that … Continue reading Solving the Puzzle 1.0, Caring

My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting:

As I settled in on the trip, I realized it was time to stretch my wings and start dating. Of my many principles, a big one was “make your mistakes out-of-town”. I have a habit of doing everything wrong the first time and I really seem to only learn through hands-on mistakes. I didn't want … Continue reading My Coy Kitten: Flirting, Disconcerting: