Lost in the Mountains

For a full week, my first SUUSI had kept me hopping. Up at 9am, ballroom dance lessons, running to meals (or missing them), staying up singing at 3am, napping, dancing all night, catching a snack, riding into town for supplies, and meeting new people at every hour of the day and night. In all of … Continue reading Lost in the Mountains


SUUSI Day 6: My nuubi departure

.SUUSI ended today, with the same emotional roller coaster each day brought. So many smiles, and hugs, and encouraging words. So many new friends, now familiar faces and common stories about our backgrounds, and goals, and what makes you mad and what makes you proud. Like 1,100 clones running around the hills of western north … Continue reading SUUSI Day 6: My nuubi departure

SUUSI Mon: Morning Worship Service .

I was told SUUSI morning worship services were inspirational and thought provoking. Monday certainly started off with a bang. Shoehorned in between bkfst ¬†and opening daily session, so only 45 min, I was sceptical how "inspiring" they would be. Well I'm sold and I tend to drag my sorry ass out of bed 4 more … Continue reading SUUSI Mon: Morning Worship Service .