Page Standards

This is an internal page. For my own publishing standards.

Each page should have 1-only-1 category, and the category should be repeated as an icon in the first paragraph.

The post can be initially published on the date entered, if it is written late, but needs to eventually be redated to the date it occurred. If posted on the date written, the proper date should appear at the top or bottom of the doc.

Most, but not all entries require pictures.

When ALL THREE items are complete, add a period “.” to the title (it’s done).

  • Proper category w/icon
  • Proper date as occurred
  • Pictures as appropriate
  • New Ideas: First words Bold

Current Categories are:

  • Trip Report – about the place, can include people
  • People I met – about the people, can include place
  • My Life – happened on the trip, that affected my life
  • My Thoughts – thought about anything while on the trip, way off topic, pondering
  • Logistics & Planning – Thoughts and Actions taken to make the trip work
  • Transit Report – busses & trains as seen in city I visited