Amtrak: Orlando and onto WDC .

Just Plain Nuts! That was my departure, running out the door, a day late, sleeping off a migraine, carrying an untested telephone. I had eight weeks to get my act together and this was a most unceremonious departure. The Reason Rally in Washington was the following Saturday, but I wanted three days in the city. … Continue reading Amtrak: Orlando and onto WDC .


We’re Off … (SNAFU!) .

I had been looking forward to my 2016 summer long trip, planning and researching for nearly six months, sending emails and making reservations. I'd made preliminary "dry run" test trips to Orlando, Daytona, Port Canaveral and Tallahassee. However, as time ticked down to departure, it was just a series of mishaps. I had reserved my … Continue reading We’re Off … (SNAFU!) .