Election Night Sadness

I sit on this election night, overcome with sadness, pondering my future. Lacking imagination, I once again headed to the beach, with my lawn chair, the stars and surf, and cinnamon tequila. I am thinking the day is coming that I will leave my country, and by that I mean my country has left me. … Continue reading Election Night Sadness


Two hour diversion to OBX .

I had a weird day. I checked off a thing from someone else's bucket list. In Chincoteague, my surprise cohort had come directly from the Outer Banks of NC, checking off a long time desire to visit there. Hearing that, it struck me how I've never been to famous Kitty Hawk; one of the few places … Continue reading Two hour diversion to OBX .

Tell Me You’re Voting for Trump .

I escaped this summer's poisonous presidential election, in part, by taking my extended motorcycle trip. But running can only take me so far. I am a flaming liberal who at times considers Bernie Sanders to be a corporate shill. Jack, my host, teases out his political leanings, here and there, and it is no secret … Continue reading Tell Me You’re Voting for Trump .

Walking Around Rockwood .

I spent an extra day today in Rockwood, PA at the hostel. I didn't mean to, time just slipped away. Tomorrow I'll head back to Columbus for a fourth of July picnic invitation. This has become a cool little town. No cell reception, no traffic, no grocery store, really no reason to be here. Its … Continue reading Walking Around Rockwood .