New Friends: West Michigan Edition

My time in Traverse City, and now Grand Rapids has been filled with the most interesting, informative, inspiring, and delightful people. I met all of these in the last third of my time in Michigan, in just the one week after AMUUSE csmp. In Traverse City, I first spent a day in Empire, with a … Continue reading New Friends: West Michigan Edition


Rochester to London, Sans Windshield

I had 5 days to get to my AMUUSE summer camp in norbythern Michigan. It was apparent I did not have time to get a replacement windshield overnighted to me in Rochester, so I would have to drive across Ontario using only my facemask and a positive attitude. I spent my last day getting used … Continue reading Rochester to London, Sans Windshield

My First AirB&B: Another SNAFU

  When I decided to start my summer trip in Washington at the Reason Rally, I wanted an AB&B near any metro station, with a place to stash my scooter (in a backyard, for instance). Parking is a premium in Washington, and I'd want to be 100% on foot and transit, not having to ride … Continue reading My First AirB&B: Another SNAFU